Emma Longshaw

Owner, Creator, Maker, Learning New Things Every Day

I'm just over here trying to make a difference to the planet by doing my bit.
My partner Matthew and I spent a while thinking of different ideas to call the business and played around with lots of eco words, but the biggest thing I'm passionate about is all the R's, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose and that's how we came up with RegenR8. I want to see a culture, society that normalises all the R's. Replacing the throwaway culture that seems to have taken hold of us over recent years. To contribute to the circular economy and continually reuse as much as possible and where it isn't possible, buy products with a longer life or products that are easier to recycle, wood, tin, glass. Rather than plastic, that only has a certain amount of times it can be recycled before it becomes unrecyclable. 
'Know More, Buy Better'